Thine THC63LVD1023B

THC63LVD1023B is Thine LVDS transmitter designing to support transmission link between host and display.  It converts CMOS/TTL data bits into LVDS data stream. There is a dedicated pin on the chip to be programmed for rising edge or falling edge clocks.

THine THC63LVD1023B


  • flexible input/output mode
    1. single/dual TTL in, single/dual LVDS out
    2. double edge input for single TTL in/dual LVDS out
    3. input port SW for single TTL in/dual LVDS out
    4. asynchronous dual TTL in/dual LVDS out
  • clock edge selectable
  • PLL requires. No external components
  • 3 LVDS data mapping for simplifying PCB layout
  • pseudo random pattern generation circuit
  • support reduced swing LVDS for low EMI
  • power down mode
  • low power single 3.3V CMOS design
  • backward compatible with THC63LVD1023
  • 144pin LQFP
  • wide dot clock range suited for TV signal (480i-1080p), PC signal (VGA-XGA)
  • TTL/CMOS input:  10~160MHz
  • LVDS output:  20~160MHz

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