Roboden the Elastic Electrical Wire

Kogen Singapore is currently promoting Roboden the Elastic Electrical Wire in South East Asia countries. The wire is stretchable, bendable and twistable. It is made for factory automation machine like Robot with moving arm or platform.

By using Roboden elastic electrical wire, there is lesser risk for the cable to be snagged by an unexpected object when the machine is moving. Furthermore, Roboden wire helps automation machine save a lot of space, which is needed when the cable is unstretchable.

Roboden the elastic electrical wire

Roboden wire extendibility is up to 140%, and with more than 3 million times bend-ability, it is 30 times more endurable compare with normal non-elastic cable with only 10 thousand times bend-ability before the outer cover breaks.

stretchable flexible twistable elastic electrical wire

This elastic electrical wire is able to transmit different types of signal like power, video, audio and control signal. It provides a good open eye pattern even after stretching, allowing it to be used for industrial usage in factory automation or consumer products.

New target application like Bluetooth earphone allowing the cable of the earphone to fit nicely with the wearer head. Irregardless whether the wearer is moving or running, no slacking of wire affecting the wearer.

stretchable earpiecestretchable earpiece in use




The other application is Power Adapter. You may notice that most of the current Power Adapter in the market have their cable get loosen in the suitcase or luggage when travelling. By using Roboden elastic electrical wire, the wire can be tightly tied onto the power adapter.

stretchable wire power adapter

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