Performance comparison between Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and Solid State Drive (SSD)

HDD using one or more rigid rapidly rotating platters coated with magnetic material. Read and write data by an actuator arm with magnetic heads. Due to the actuator arm and magnetic head design, HDD will have mechanical limitations and problems. For example, HDD could not sustain strong impact and vibration, and motor will create noise during operating.

Hard Disk Drive
Hard Disk Drive
Solid State Drive
Solid State Drive

On the other hand, SSD use NAND Flash to store data, there are only controller, NAND Flash and other electronic components on PCB, no mechanical components that could create extra noise and not affected by vibration, this is the reason why SSD is very suitable for portable device and industrial product.

Other than that, HDD only has one actuator arm and magnetic head, therefore HDD only able to read data in one segment at a time. SSD uses controller as a core to control data read/write, so it could achieve multiple read write at the same time. Thus, SSD has much higher read/write performance than HDD. Below are the read write speed comparison.

Crystal Disk Mark

The average sequential read/write speed for HDD is less than 200MB/s, and average read/write speed for SSD is more than 500MB/s. For random file read/write, due to HDD only has one actuator arm and magnetic head, normal 4k read/write performance is only 0.5~1.5MB/s. However, SSD could perform multiple read/write at the same time, so the performance for random read/write is about 60~120 times more than HDD. Therefore, SSD is very suitable to work as a system drive to give higher performance speed, it is essential for computer open and software operating.


HDD and SSD comparison summary

Performance <200MB/s 500MB/s
Vibration tolerance Low Very high
Noise High No noise
Power consumption 5~10W <5W
Operating temperature 0~60°C -40~85°C
Capacity ~10TB ~4TB
Price Low Higher than HDD

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