Maxell ML2016T6

ML2016T6 is Maxell rechargeable coin battery with terminal. Its full name is also Lithium Manganese Dioxide Rechargeable Battery with terminal, come with horizontal and through hole plate.

We support mainly to factory for production usage and do not sell in retail pack. Therefore, the qty per order could be exceeding hundred or more.

Maxell rechargeable coin battery ML2016T6


Battery Features:

  • nominal voltage is 3V
  • nominal capacity is 25mAh (this is the duration until voltage drops down to 2.0V when discharged at a nominal discharge current at 20degC)
  • nominal discharge current is 200uA
  • charge/discharge cycle lifetime is 1500 (when depth of discharge =10%), 500 when depth of discharge=20%
  • insulation sleeve at the outside
  • operating temperature is -20to+60degC
  • dimension (diameter 20mm height 1.6mm)
  • weight 1.8g (only for the battery itself)


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