Industrial SSD

Kogen Singapore works with Taiwanese ODM company to provide industrial grade SSD. Our industrial grade SSD supports wide temperature SSD from -40 to 85°C, all NAND flash are original from TOSHIBA, with 100% quality check to provide reliable product. Also, our product can support different interface whether it is IDE, PATA or latest SATA, PCIe. We provide full range of Industrial SSD for manufacturing needs.

Below are the key factors that why we can provide industrial grade SSD:

  1. Wide Temperature SSD

Normal consumer grade SSD only support 0~70°C, our product supports up to -40~85°C.

We use industrial grade component, including controller, NAND flash, DDR/SDR and other components, to guarantee wide temperature(-40~85°C) supportability.

  1. NAND Flash Type

Different from consumer grade using TLC, we use MLC and SLC for industrial SSD. Not only the performance is better, most important thing for industrial product is the endurance.

Write endurance for MLC is 5 to 10 times more than TLC, and for SLC, it is 100 times more than TLC.

And all our flash memory are using original Toshiba NAND flash.

  1. Reliability and Quality

Our products pass the international standard like MIL STD 810G and IEC 60068/61000/60529, and with 100% chamber screen and vibration verification to ensure top quality.

Other than that, our SSD supports SMART function which operates on Windows or Linux, customer can check the health information immediately.

  1. Fixed BOM List

Unlike other finish product in the market, the component and firmware version might change with different batch. Once customer has tested and approved our SSD, we will fix the BOM list including firmware version to reduce the compatibility problem due to different components.

  1. Various Form Factor

To serve different needs of our industrial SSD customer, we provide full range of product. For embedded product, we have uSSD and eMMC. For build in module product, we have mSATA, SATADOM and M.2. For plug and play requirement, we have CFast card and the most popular 2.5”SSD.

Industrial SSD

Although for industrial grade SSD is more focusing on stability than performance, with latest TOSHIBA 15nm NAND, we have a better performance product which can compare with commercial grade, read/write speed is up to 550/530(MB/s).

There has been growing demand for Industrial mSATA SSD for video capturing application. Typical storage capacity for this usage requires the Flash storage memory size of 64GB. If you are looking for best industrial SSD to meet your Industrial Solid State Hard Drive application, contact us for further specification to review our Industrial SATA SSD in our roadmap.

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