CCTV Memory Card

Kogen Singapore would like to introduce you the best microSD card for CCTV or surveillance application, it’s called “VideoMate”.

VideoMate memory card is particularly design for long term video recording such as CCTV, surveillance or car camera for long distance track. Normal memory card may have high write speed, however, the speed fluctuated when continuous recording. Write speed drops significantly to below 10MB/s, it may cause loss of frame, which means some pictures in the video might be lost. It is due to normal TLC flash needs longer write latency time when data merge. If the recording device has not enough buffer memory to keep streaming data, the longer busy time of flash will cause video frame lost.

CCTV Memory Card Product Intro
Normal memory cards with fluctuated write speed

Imaging when you playback the video, and the most critical few seconds is missing in the video. That is not something we want to see when we really need the video.


VideoMate memory card using TotalFrame Technology to stabilise the write speed and ensure no frame lost during video streaming by optimising NAND flash data management. VideoMate memory card is compliant with SD association class 10 and UHS speed 1, it can record up to 4K video.

CCTV Memory Card Product Intro 2
Stable write speed using TotalFrame technology

If you are looking for microSD card for video recording application, such as CCTV, surveillance camera, car camera or drone, please contact us. We have 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and even up to 128GB.

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