Sinopower Power MOSFET

Sinopower Semiconductor, Inc. is a Taiwanese fabless IC design house focusing on power device such as MOSFET, IGBT, DrMOS and power module. The power devices R&D, process engineering, AE and sales marketing team have more than 15 years of experience in the industry to provide a complete MOSFET product line that can cover from BV of 20V up to 800V, and the specification and performance is compatible with other brands such as Renesas, IR and Fairchild.

various types of Sinopower MOSFET    Various Types of Sinopower MOSFET packages

Sinopower promise to innovate on new structures like split gate and super junction, dual devices package, and integrated device driver product development to achieve the best fit to application’s needs, and co-operate with customers to achieve win-win partnership.

super junction technology of Sinopower MOSFET                              Super Junction technologies

Sinopower’s team are highly experienced and acquainted with power device, therefore Sinopower is able to provide proven solutions such as motherboard, LCD TV backlight, electric bicycle, power protection, telecommunication, industrial application and switching power supply.

proven solution for switching power supply from Sinopower MOSFEET

                          Proven solution for switching power supply


This is Sinopower N-channel Enhancement mode MOSFET and come with SOT-89 package. Standard pack qty is 1Kpcs per reel and it is Halogen and lead-free device. The operating junction temperature range is from -55degC to +150degC.


Absolute Maximum rating:

  • drain-source voltage of 20v
  • drain current of 7.5A at Ta=25degC



  • switching regulators
  • switching converters


This device has passed the following reliability tests:

  • power cycling test
  • temperature cycling test
  • pressure cooking test
  • temperature humidity test
  • solder-ability test
  • high temperature storage test
  • high temperature gate bias test
  • high temperature reverse bias test
  • electrostatic discharge test



This MOSFET come in 3Kpcs per reel and is widely used in coffee making machine. The package is in SOT-23 which provides reliable and rugged support.

  • 30V/5.2A
  • 100% UIS + Rg tested
  • Lead-free and Green Devices available (RoHS compliant)
  • ESD protection
  • operating junction temperature range from -55degC to 150degC
  • Load Switch
  • DC-DC Converter
  • Power Management Function


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