GPS/GNSS module for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAV/Drone

LOCOSYS is a R&D driven company with a strong technical team in Taiwan. LOCOSYS dedicates its design capabilities and expertise in developing top quality GPS module.

By partnering with different chip providers like MTK, CSR, ST Micro and HED, LOCOSYS is able to provide full range of products to track multiple satellite constellation including GPS, GLONASS, QZSS, GALILEO and BeiDou.

GPS_GNSS module for UAV and Drone
GPS_GNSS module without antenna
GPS_GNSS module for UAV and Drone with antenna
GPS_GNSS module for UAV and Drone with antenna






LOCOSYS GPS module is perfect match for UAV and it allows UAV to have more functions such as auto-navigation and auto-return.


  • auto-navigation: user can appoint a GPS location or multiple location to the UAV, and go to the designated location automatically. This is very helpful in agriculture industry such as corp dusting.
  • auto-return: when user want to cal back UAV or when it flies out the range of the controller, the UAV can return to its original location.
Flying drone with GPS_GNSS module
flying drone with GPS_GNSS module

Other than module, LOCOSYS also provide GPS/GPSS related end products such as mouse, dongle and portable data logger.

GPS/GNSS mouse
GPS/GNSS mouse
GPS/GNSS dongle
GPS/GNSS dongle




GPS/GNSS portable data log
GPS/GNSS portable data log

By connecting drones to the industrial IoT, many types of applications can be implemented. For example, company can do off-grid powered base station control and remove the need for pilot and do remote area travel. Applications for inspection has become scalable and companies business opportunities have widen. Below are few application to consider:

  • infrastructure inspection
  • police/emergency services
  • security surveillance
  • off-shore inspections
  • border patrol

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