About Kogen

Kogen Singapore has been established in Singapore since 1993 and has expanded businesses into other regions, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, China, India, etc. Headquarter in Taipei under Koryo Electronics, Kogen Singapore continue to extend product lines from Koryo Electronics into South Asia market.

We work with some of the largest, successful technology and service companies in the world and has been serving them for more than 10 years and more.

Current product lines including:

  • Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductor devices
  • Thine Electronics
  • Maxell Batteries
  • Explore Microelectronics
  • Mitsubishi Materials Electronic Components
  • Phison Electronics
  • Isahaya Electronics
  • HY Electric
  • Sinopower MOSFET


Products offering include following devices:

  • FP and DFB Laser Diode
  • APD Avalanche Photodiode
  • RF MOSFET (Power Amplifier IC)
  • TFT LCD Display Module
  • LVDS IC (transmitter, receiver and repeater)
  • Power Modules (IGBT, DIPIPM)
  • SSD Solid-State-Drive (mSATA module, m.2 2242 module, microSD card)
  • Coin Batteries (CR2032, CR2016, CR2025)
  • Rechargeable Coin Batteries (ML2016)
  • Small Signal Transistors
  • IGBT Driver (Hybrid IC)
  • Low Noise Amplifiers
  • GaN Power Transistor
  • Power MOSFET
  • Thermistor
  • HDMI Interface ICs
  • 10G and 25G DFB Laser Diode (TOCAN and TOSA)
  • Rectifier Diode and Bridge Rectifier