Heat Resistant Coin Battery for Tyre Pressure Monitoring System TPMS

Maxell CR2450HR and CR2050HR is made by state of the art sealing technology and highly heat-resistant material, it expands the operating temperature range from -20~85 degC to -40~125 degC. For Maxell CR2450HR-Ex, the operating temperature can be even up to 150 degC.

The maximum acceleration resistance for Maxell is 2000G and the capacity is 550mAh, usually for TPMS it can last for at least 3 years. With these technology, it makes the batteries a perfect match for automobile application such as TPMS sensors.

Maxell HR coin battery for TPMS
Internal TPMS
Tire Pressure Monitoring System TPMS

NTC Thermistor RH18-3H103-025-FB

RH18-3H103-025-FB is MMC Radial Leaded type of NTC Thermistor. It is being used for through the hole mounting. MMC use company’s unique materials, product design and manufacturing technologies to produce smaller and precise thermistors.

Features and characteristics:

  • operating temperature range -40 to +110degC
  • lead wire is Polyurethane covered wire
  • resistance range 10k ohm
  • maximum power dissipation 85mW
  • heat dissipation 1.0 mW/degC
  • thermal time constant 12sec
  • low halogen product

MMC NTC Thermistor RH18-3H103-025-FB


Target application:

  • battery cells

m.2 2280

m.2 2280 is the most popular internal mounted computer memory expansion card widely used in the market. Comparing with mSATA card, its size is much smaller therefore providing more flexibility in all kinds of solid-state-drive applications. For small products like ultrabook, slim notebook and tablet, m.2 2280 is the ideal selection. The former name of m.2 is “Next-Generation Form Factor” or NGFF.

Many users of SSDs get confuse with the terms form factor and interface bus. Therefore, it is important we highlight them here again. The name m.2 or mSATA referring to the product form factor. We also need to know what kind of interface being used at each SSD. SATA interface and PCIe interface are two different buses with SATA interface having a limit of bandwidth for SATA III at 6Gbps. For PCIe interface, depending on whether it is 2 lanes or 4 lanes, with 4 lanes going up to 30Gbps.

It can be used to replace mSATA and mini PCI Express interface card. By shrinking the form factor, m.2 2280 become smaller and faster than mSATA interface card. Comparing with mSATA which has a higher speed of SATA 3.0 6Gbps, m.2 offer even faster speed than this. The thickness of m.2 is only 3.5mm and it is more energy efficiency (lower power consumption and longer battery life).

m.2 2280 SSD card

m.2 2280 module card is rectangular in shape, with an edge connector on one side and has a width of 22mm and length of 80mm. It is installed into a mating connector provided by the host’s circuit board. The four digit m.2 form factor designation are: (first 2 digit state the device’s width in mm, and the second set of 2 number tell you how long it is, also in mm).

There are more than one kind of m.2 connector and different type of interface, leading to various sizes of m.2 card offering. You need to pay attention to the physical connector on the card. Each card has different cutouts at the bottom and expose different pins. Different connectors lead to various types of “module key”. Each key exposes a different set of interfaces to each card.

For m.2 2280, there are 2 types of module keys (Key B and Key M). Key B suitable for interfaces of PCIe x2, SATA, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, audio, PCM, IUM, SSIC and I2C and this key is commonly used in SATA and PCIe x2 SSDs. Key M is suitable for interfaces of PCIe x4 and SATA and widely used in PCIe x4 SSDs.

m.2 SSD "B" and "M" key

Newer motherboards are having the PCI Express bus interface, PCIe 2.0 x4 with a throughput ceiling higher than SATA 3.0’s. Newest technology is adopting PCIe 3.0 using NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) for heavy and deep workload. It is important for you to make sure the motherboard you are using is able to support PCIe x4 when selecting the suitable m.2 card.

Different PCIe technology offering various speed running:

  • PCIe Gen 2 x2 lanes can run speed up to 1000MB/s
  • PCIe Gen 2 x4 lanes can run speed up to 2000MB/s
  • PCIe Gen 3 x4 lanes can run speed up to 4000MB/s

We just launched new m.2 2280 with 1TB storage capacity. This is from UD info, famously used in the market which require high reliability, good tracking record and well service support. By introducing this 1TB model, UD info can support small form-factor embedded system to implement higher capacity internal storage.

Features of this 1TB m.2 2280 SSD card:

  • support SATA III 6Gbps speed
  • using MLC Toshiba NAND memory chips
  • temperature support from 0 to +70degC
  • performance read up to 520MB/s and write up to 500MB/s

m.2 SATA SSDs use the same controller currently available at typical 2.5 SATA SSDs, whereas m.2 PCIe SSDs use a controller specifically designed to support PCIe protocol.

If the host system does not support PCIe protocol, when you insert the m.2 PCIe SSD inside the socket it will not work because the BIOS is not able to detect the card. Similarly, if you instal the m.2 SATA SSD into a socket which support m.2 PCIe SSD, your card will not able to use. Make sure your motherboard is able to support PCIe x4 speed, before you buy the PCIe x4 m.2 SSD, otherwise the card only function as PCIe x2 speed. All the m.2 SSDs are not hot-pluggable, it means you need to power off the system when you install or remove the m.2 SSDs.

Future interface is Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) and its expected performance will be 4~6 times greater than existing SATA 3.0 standard and to be name as NVMe SSDs.

Feel free to contact us if you need further technical information or purchasing need. We supply mainly to corporation usage.

Isahaya Transistor

Looking for Isahaya Transistor in Singapore?
We supply all kinds of Isahaya products in the South Asia market, in particular countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, India and etc. Since establishment in 1993, we have been promoting Isahaya transistors in the electronics industry.

One of the small signal transistors, 2SC3440-T112-1F is our key item we specialising among the wider range of products in Isahaya line up. Feel free to contact us if you need this item for your production need.

Isahaya Transistor

Maxell ML2016T6

ML2016T6 is Maxell rechargeable coin battery with terminal. Its full name is also Lithium Manganese Dioxide Rechargeable Battery with terminal, come with horizontal and through hole plate.

We support mainly to factory for production usage and do not sell in retail pack. Therefore, the qty per order could be exceeding hundred or more.

Maxell rechargeable coin battery ML2016T6


Battery Features:

  • nominal voltage is 3V
  • nominal capacity is 25mAh (this is the duration until voltage drops down to 2.0V when discharged at a nominal discharge current at 20degC)
  • nominal discharge current is 200uA
  • charge/discharge cycle lifetime is 1500 (when depth of discharge =10%), 500 when depth of discharge=20%
  • insulation sleeve at the outside
  • operating temperature is -20to+60degC
  • dimension (diameter 20mm height 1.6mm)
  • weight 1.8g (only for the battery itself)


CR1632 Battery

There are many brands of CR1632 battery in the market if you google on the internet. Brands like Energizer, Panasonic, Sony, Renata, GP, our brand Maxell and etc. So, how do you decide which brand to buy?

I would suggest you focus on the reliability and trustworthy of your supplier. Buy from the authorized source and have good customer service. We, Kogen Singapore, will be your ideal partner to supply you our Maxell brand.

We are currently promoting Maxell CR1632 coin battery in Singapore and Malaysia. As most of the airlines in the market have very strict control on battery carrying on airplane, thus transporting battery among countries by air has very strict control measures in place. In lieu of this high restriction, we focus the promotion of batteries in Singapore and Malaysia. Panasonic CR1632 3V battery can be replaced with Maxell CR1632 battery without any change in performance.

Transporting of batteries between Malaysia and Singapore has no issue. Most factories in Malaysia have their assigned forwarder helping them to transport goods from Singapore into Malaysia cities by truck. This remove all the barriers for us to market batteries in our nearest countries across the border.

CR1632 is one of the key coin batteries producing in Maxell Japan factory. The quality and assurance Japanese companies in the market is well known. Thus, we are very confidence of our Maxell batteries which we provide to our customers. CR1632 3V battery is not commonly available in the market, as it is used specifically in industrial products.

CR1632 battery work well in various types of applications like car remote, medical device, garage door openers, etc. One of the new applications which companies use it on, is the Passive Keyless Entry (PKE) for automotive. With higher car prices, it is important to protect your car with strong car alarm system and the battery used in the car remote control is essential to you.

CR1632 Battery

We only supply CR1632 battery to factory with minimum order quantity of 3Kpcs. One carton come with 3Kpcs therefore we appreciate only purchase for factory production contact us for their needs. When you make enquiry to us, you may ask CR1632 bulk type to us for production usage. CR1632 bulk package mainly cater for factory usage and it is price at much lower competitive pricing, as compared with retail blister pack which sell solely to consumer market.

Feel free to contact us by email or phone.

Thine THC63LVD1023B

THC63LVD1023B is Thine LVDS transmitter designing to support transmission link between host and display.  It converts CMOS/TTL data bits into LVDS data stream. There is a dedicated pin on the chip to be programmed for rising edge or falling edge clocks.

THine THC63LVD1023B


  • flexible input/output mode
    1. single/dual TTL in, single/dual LVDS out
    2. double edge input for single TTL in/dual LVDS out
    3. input port SW for single TTL in/dual LVDS out
    4. asynchronous dual TTL in/dual LVDS out
  • clock edge selectable
  • PLL requires. No external components
  • 3 LVDS data mapping for simplifying PCB layout
  • pseudo random pattern generation circuit
  • support reduced swing LVDS for low EMI
  • power down mode
  • low power single 3.3V CMOS design
  • backward compatible with THC63LVD1023
  • 144pin LQFP
  • wide dot clock range suited for TV signal (480i-1080p), PC signal (VGA-XGA)
  • TTL/CMOS input:  10~160MHz
  • LVDS output:  20~160MHz

GPS/GNSS module for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAV/Drone

LOCOSYS is a R&D driven company with a strong technical team in Taiwan. LOCOSYS dedicates its design capabilities and expertise in developing top quality GPS module.

By partnering with different chip providers like MTK, CSR, ST Micro and HED, LOCOSYS is able to provide full range of products to track multiple satellite constellation including GPS, GLONASS, QZSS, GALILEO and BeiDou.

GPS_GNSS module for UAV and Drone
GPS_GNSS module without antenna
GPS_GNSS module for UAV and Drone with antenna
GPS_GNSS module for UAV and Drone with antenna






LOCOSYS GPS module is perfect match for UAV and it allows UAV to have more functions such as auto-navigation and auto-return.


  • auto-navigation: user can appoint a GPS location or multiple location to the UAV, and go to the designated location automatically. This is very helpful in agriculture industry such as corp dusting.
  • auto-return: when user want to cal back UAV or when it flies out the range of the controller, the UAV can return to its original location.
Flying drone with GPS_GNSS module
flying drone with GPS_GNSS module

Other than module, LOCOSYS also provide GPS/GPSS related end products such as mouse, dongle and portable data logger.

GPS/GNSS mouse
GPS/GNSS mouse
GPS/GNSS dongle
GPS/GNSS dongle




GPS/GNSS portable data log
GPS/GNSS portable data log

By connecting drones to the industrial IoT, many types of applications can be implemented. For example, company can do off-grid powered base station control and remove the need for pilot and do remote area travel. Applications for inspection has become scalable and companies business opportunities have widen. Below are few application to consider:

  • infrastructure inspection
  • police/emergency services
  • security surveillance
  • off-shore inspections
  • border patrol

Wish to know more about our GPS/GNSS module for UAV and Drone?Contact us at web@kogen.com.sg or fill up the contact form.